Milani “Prime Shield” Primer Review

I love Milani products so when I saw on their website that they had this particular primer, I grabbed my keys right then and went into CVS to buy it! I couldn’t be bothered with the process of ordering online and then waiting. You guys know by now that if there’s something that claims to be mattifying, able to control oil and reduce shine, I’m on it. I was so excited and just knew I was going to love it. WRONG. For those of you haven’t heard about it or just haven’t tried it, let me give you a little break down..

  • Mattifying + Pore Minimizing
  • Oil Free
  • Primes skin to create a smooth canvas before applying any foundation
  • Mattifies and perfects the skin
  • Instantly minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines
  • Lightweight, non-greasy feel
  • Does not clog pores

That’s their exact description, straight from the front and back of the tube. My friends, it didn’t hold up to any of that for me. I’ve worn it several times to give it a fair shot. I’ve worn it under liquid and powder foundation. It is not mattifying, in fact my skin ended up being slightly oily before I even put foundation on. It didn’t minimize the appearance of my pores and fine lines. It absolutely is not non-greasy, it is in fact very greasy. Based on everything else I’m not inclined to believe that it won’t clog pores. For $9.99 this was a huge disappointment. Those of you who have tried it, I’d love to know your thoughts.

June Favorites

Wow…it’s July already! Where is the time going? I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. We just got back from a little vacation to VA Beach. We spent a few days there for my mom’s birthday and had a great time. Also, our house is pretty much done. They’re just completing the driveway and other little things outside. We do our final walk through and get the keys on the 27th!! Yay! Alright, so let’s get into my favorite products from last month…surprisingly there’s only three. I’ve been buying so much stuff that I haven’t had a chance to try all of it. Here’s what I have been using and loving…

  1. Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara; I got this in the “Lashes to go” sample box from Sephora for $28.  There were 5 sample size masacaras including the Tarteist Lash Paint and a voucher for a free full size of your favorite out of the 5. This has got to be the next best thing to Too Faced “Better Than Sex”, which is my all time favorite and was included in the box. I went ahead and used my voucher for the Lash Paint mascara since I already planned on getting the water proof version of “Better Than Sex”.  I’ve been wearing it every day. It instantly lengthens and separates my lashes like it claims and it doesn’t clump. Sometimes I don’t even feel the need to curl my lashes after using it, it’s that good! I love this mascara and I will be purchasing it in the future. I believe it’s $23. It’s a must have!
  2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion-Anti-Aging; Just about everyone knows about the awesomness of UD Primer Potion but I didn’t know about this one. I’m all over anything “anti-aging” so when I saw this in Ulta, I couldn’t resist. It’s supposed to improve the signs of aging over time and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. It did kind of cover or make less noticeable the fine lines I’m starting to get on the outer corners of my eyes. As with the original, it’s easy to blend, prevents eyeshadow from creasing and lasts all day. The cost is $24.
  3. Urban Decay de-slick Setting Spray; This stuff is life!! I’m LOVING it! It keeps my make up in place all day and controls oil. It’s amazing! I got it from Ulta for $14, I decided to get the smaller bottle from the sample rack just to see how it would work before purchasing the full size bottle for $30. If you have oily skin you know the struggle…your makeup breaks down faster, and doesn’t stay in place. It’s so frustrating, so this product has definitely been a life saver. It’s a new must have for me and I recommend it to anyone with oily skin.

    Urban Decay, Setting Spray

    UD de-slick Makeup Setting Spray

That’s all I have for June but as I mentioned, I’ve got so many things just piled up so I plan having a few reviews done in the near future. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s favorites from June. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!!


Lip Monthly: June bag

Inside this month’s Lip Monthly bag:









  1. Jelly Pong Pong Lip Butter-$18.95
  2. Peony Pink Glow luminizing stick-$22
  3. Measurable Difference/Chrislie lip color stick-$13
  4. Be a Bombshell lip/cheek stick-$16Because the Jelly Pong Pong, Peony and Be a Bombshell shades are so similar to each other, I swatched them side by side. I think the Jelly Pong Pong is a really good nude color but the other two are just way to light for me.


    From the bottom: Be a Bombshell, Peony Pink Glow, Jelly Pong Pong

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Walmart beauty box

Walmart Beauty box unboxing

Hey guys, I had a little bit of free time today so I wanted to share what I received in my Walmart beauty box and my thoughts on it. It came a few days ago but I actually subscribed about two months ago. I completely forgot about it until I got the email saying that it had shipped. Anyway, I love beauty boxes! It’s a great way to find out about and try new products, things that you may not have even thought about trying but end up loving. This isn’t a monthly box. It ships every season(Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter), and the products will be relevant to the season. So when I opened my box, I wasn’t impressed but for $5 I can’t complain. Here’s what I received…Walmart beauty box, Arm & Hammer, Sally Hansen, Vaseline, St. Ives,Coconut Nail Art, Lady Gaga "Fame", Schwarzkopf Diamond color & radiance shampoo/conditioner

  1. Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair lotion-I’ve used this before and it’s pretty decent. My boys have eczema so they use it from time to time and I just use it for my hands. It’s not something I purchase on a regular basis though.
  2. St. Ives Apricot exfoliating scrub-I’ve never used this before. I see it all the time in Target and I never think twice about it so, I’m excited to try it.
  3. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs water-resistant leg makeup-I’ve never heard of this stuff before and I really don’t have any use for it. However, I did put some over my tattoo just to see and it covered it pretty well. If I ever need to hide my tattoos it’ll come in handy.
  4. Schwarzkopf Diamond Color & Radiance shampoo and conditioner-Developed with Claudia Shiffer, this is for colored or highlighted hair. It says that it’s fast drying with diamond gloss serum and UV filter.  Since my hair is curly, uncolored and requires very specific products, I won’t be using it at all.
  5. Coconut Nail Art-Another product I’m not familiar with and won’t be using. They’re polished strips that you peel and stick on your nails. It says to use nail polish remover in order to remove them. If you want to skip the nail salon and save money, this could be a good alternative.
  6. “Fame” Perfume by Lady Gaga-I actually like this perfume. It’s not too strong or overpowering. It’s not something I would’ve tried on my own so I’m glad it was included.
  7. Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant toothpaste-It’s not the brand I use, I’m more of a Crest person but, I have tried Arm & Hammer before. I mean, it’s toothpaste and everyone needs toothpaste.

That’s it for my Walmart beauty box. Like I said, overall I’m not impressed but it’s just my first one so I can’t write it off just yet. And, it’s only $5! I’m looking forward to seeing what the next box contains!

Checking in

Hey guys! I hope you all are doing well, everyone has probably got big plans for summer! I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I might not be posting for a little bit. We recently purchased a house and the construction should be completed by the end of next month. Right now we’re in the process of packing and realtors are already coming by here with prospective tenants so there are people coming in and out, walking around and asking questions all day while I’m trying to pack. And we have people coming to clean the carpets and paint the walls….it’s just crazy around here right now. I’ve still been shopping, buying makeup and other beauty products…although most of my shopping recently has been online. Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know what’s going on and I’ll be back as soon as I can. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and congratulations to all the graduates!!

Kisses, Melyssa


Construction 2 Weeks ago

Perfectly Posh Review

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about a few products from Perfectly Posh. This company was brought to my attention by one of their independent consultants. As it was explained to me, Perfectly Posh is a naturally based pampering product company. All of their products are under $25, made in the USA & cruelty free. I received a few samples to try out and I’m going to share my thoughts on each one.

First up is the Complexion Perfection Face Wash. This is a daily face wash that gently exfoliates & deep cleans. It has grapefruit, peppermint, & walnut-shell powder. I’m not one to use an exfoliating face wash everyday but I really liked this. It smells good & left my face feeling smooth & clean. I also liked the consistency of it, it’s not super thick and it spreads out over your face easily with just a small amount.20160603_153619.png

Next up is the Cackle Spackle Detoxifying Face Mask. I loved this face mask! First off it smells amazing! It has charcoal powder, volcanic ash, kaolin clay and spearmint. As soon as you open it all you smell is the spearmint. I had a little trouble when applying it because it was really thick & kind of hard so it wasn’t spreading easily but once I got it going it only took a small amount to cover my face. I left it on for about 10 minutes. It rinses off easily and it left my face with that refreshing tingling feeling. I noticed that it kind of minimized my pores. It makes no claim to that in the description, it’s just what I noticed after using it. wp-1464982745735.jpg

Moving on to the Moisturize 911 Caffeinated Face Cream. This tightens, brightens & moisturizes with aloe, citrus & caffeine. Unfortunately it did not work for my skin. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve gone from having combination skin to now having oily skin and each time I used this my skin ended up being extremely oily to the point where I had to go back & wash my face again to get it off because even blotting papers & my holy grail…the Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone from MAC didn’t help. I tried using a smaller amount,  I tried using a different face wash from the first time I used it and I even tried it after using the Complexion Perfection Face Wash. I’m not saying it’s a bad moisturizer or that it’s not worth trying, I just think it’s probably not ideal for oily skin. It smells good though!20160603_154023.png

Next on the list is Never Grow Up, the Anti-aging Fine Line Fixer Serum. With aloe vera, caffeine & vitamin B3 this serum is supposed to tighten the skin, even the skin tone, stimulate the production of collagen & diminish the appearance of lines around the eyes and mouth. I’m all for serums, I think everyone especially older chicks like myself should include some type of serum into their skin care routine. That being said, finding a good anti-aging serum that is actually going to work & do what it’s supposed to do can be tricky. You have to check what’s in it…or what’s not. Caffeine & Vitamin B3 are the two ingredients in this product that stood out to me because caffeine combats free radicals which cause things like wrinkles & sagging skin. Vitamin B3 is good for skin discoloration, reducing redness & helping skin to retain moisture. So, while it may take some time to actually see the benefits/effects of an anti-aging serum, I think this one is decent & worth a shot. 20160603_154220.png

That brings me to the Never Grow Up Face Cream, an Anti-Aging Deep Moisturizer. This is supposed to be used in combination with the Never Grow Up Serum. It contains shea butter & botanical extracts. I had the same issue with this as I did with the Moisture 911 Caffeinated Cream. Maybe it’s just entirely too many moisturizing properties for my oily skin lol! I used it in combination with & without the serum & still got the same results. I think this is probably good for someone with normal to dry skin & possibly even combination skin. 20160603_154427.png

Moving right along to the Whole Lava Love Volcanic Ash Facial Exfoliator…this is supposed to help prevent fine lines & promote healthier, younger looking skin. I pretty much noticed the same results with this as with the Cackle Spackle Detoxifying Mask. My skin was softer afterwards & it seemed as if it had minimized the appearance of my pores. And, it smells soooo good!wp-1464983195683.jpg

Next, the Under Wonder Matte Pore Primer. I used this stuff everyday until it was gone! I loved it! Anything that keeps my skin matte for a decent amount of time, with or without makeup is a winner in my book! It’s so smooth, it feels like velvet on your skin & for me it lasted all day. This is a must have!20160603_153313.png

Finally we have the Bahama Berry, Strawberry & Orange Lip Scrub. This contains shea butter along with strawberry & orange exfoliate. So, it smells good, tastes good and left my lips soft, smooth & moisturized. wp-1464983293710.jpg

Alright, so that was everything. I went ahead and ordered a couple of things after going through the catalog. I ordered the Poshymallow scented Coconut Oil, the Black Cherry Attack Kit which includes the body wash, the body whip and a Detox Face Mask, the Strawberry Fields Forever (chunk) Soap & of course the Under Wonder Primer. They have so many different products for all kind of skin care needs, all for under $25. Also, they have a reward program where you earn points that can be used to get more products.

 ***Now through June 30th you can get a 15% rebate on any purchase!! Go to, add products to your cart then select “Makeup & Curls Readers” as your party at checkout.(%15 of your total will be refunded to your card before the charge is final)



May Favorites

Can you believe it’s June already!? It’s crazy how fast 2016 is speeding by! I wonder how much makeup I will have accumulated by the end of the year, but before I get ahead of myself…today I’m sharing the products I was obsessing over the most in May. I’ll start with the more budget friendly products first.

  1. e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Blush; you can check out my thoughts on it here

    e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Blush

    e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Blush

  2. L’OREAL Magic Lumi Highlighter/Concealer; LOVE LOVE LOVE this highlighter & concealer combo! I got it from Walmart for around $10. The applicator makes it really easy to apply, especially around the brow area. It blends easily & gives great coverage & highlight.
  3. L.A. Girl Velvet Blush Contour Stick; I ordered this from Beauty Bay. I only bought it because it was cheap, around $5, & I wanted to try something new as usual. The shade I bought is “Plush”. It goes on smooth, blends easily & has a light powder finish. It’s really pretty especially when a highlighter is added, which brings me to my next favorite…L.A. Girl Velvet Blush Contour Stick, 'Plush"'Plush" 
  4. Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter; I had been eyeing this stuff forever & finally decided to go ahead and pick it up. It was $26 at Ulta. A little bit goes a long way! It gives off the perfect shimmery glow. The only thing I don’t like is the applicator, it’s the same as a nail polish brush. I don’t get it but whatever, if you can get past that it’s a great highlighter.
  5. Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluids; I snatched up 3 of these bad boys as soon as they were available!! You don’t even understand how much I felt like I needed them in my life & I was right! I got green for the redness around my nose & mouth, peach for dark circles around my eyes & lavender for my wife’s yellow discoloration around her mouth. There are 2 other colors, pink to brighten dark areas & yellow for dullness. They cost $28 each but for me it’s worth it. They really even out your complexion.Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluids, Peach, Green, Lavender
  6. Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips; The best liquid lipsticks in the history of ever! Check out my review here

    Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip, "Cranberry Stiletto", "Versailles"

    Lip Whips “Cranberry Stiletto” & “Versailles”

  7. Too Faced Coco Powder Foundation; Hands down the BEST foundation ever! I don’t know what I have been doing with my life or why it took me so long to get this especially since Too Faced is one of my favorite brands. I picked this up at the beginning of May because I needed a powder foundation since my oily skin gets worse in warm weather & the temps here in Northern Virginia finally started going up. It was $34 at Ulta. This stuff is amazing! It keeps my skin matte & oil-free all day long. I don’t even have to use my Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone from MAC, usually I have to use it everyday with or without makeup & at least twice throughout the day. This foundation is medium-full coverage & it gives a soft, natural looking finish. It’s really lightweight & it smells like chocolate! I highly recommend this if you have oily skin & even if you don’t.
  8. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation; I’ve had this since it came out & it was all I had been wearing until I purchased the previously mentioned best foundation of all time lol! So, I thought it deserved a mention. What I love about this foundation is how it just blends right into the skin leaving a seriously flawless finish. You can’t even tell that you have makeup on! It’s oil-free, medium-full coverage & it has coconut water in it, yes please! It makes my face look soft, smooth & naturally glowy. Love it!
  9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express for Brows & Eyes; I’ve had this for a while too, I got it from Ulta back in January. I alternate between this & the e.l.f. Brow Powder. My brows are finally growing in a bit thicker so I’ve been reaching for this one lately. This palette comes with brow wax cream, brow powder, eyeshadow duo, stencils & instructions. It’s fool-proof. It was a bit pricey at $39.50 but it’s money well spent.

    So that’s everything for May, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping recently…I’ve been on youtube, snapchat & instagram keeping up with the best products out right now, what’s new & just what everyone is obsessing over in general. So I should be back soon to share what I’ve come across, new products Im interested in & what I’ve bought. Thanks for reading!