The finished product of last night’s hair session with my wife

If you happened to read yesterday’s post about how I had to rely on my wife to handle my very detailed hair care routine, you know that I was a little concerned about how that was going to go down. I did manage to do some of it myself but then the pain set in and I realized I was doing too much lol! Now, she wasn’t nearly as gentle as I would have liked her to be, especially with the detangling part, but¬†everything else went pretty smimg1429147775984oothly. And I must say, she was an absolute pro with the diffuser. Other than a little frizz due to the fact that she couldn’t stop playing with my curls before they were dry, my hair is on point. My curls are bouncy, fluffy and springy and my hair is properly and thoroughly moisturized. I’m very impressed. I should probably get her to do it more often even after I’m healed, just to give myself a break…definitely worth a shot!