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Perfectly Posh Big Bath Bar & “Poshymallow” Coconut Oil Review

Hey guys, I just wanted to give a quick review on two of the products I ordered from Perfectly Posh last month. First up is the “Poshymallow” Coconut Oil…I’ve just been using this to shave my legs with. My legs get super irritated after shaving no matter what razor or shaving cream I use. Shaving with coconut oil and then putting it on my legs after really helps with the irritation. I tried using this particular coconut oil as an all over body moisturizer but I just really wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t use it on my hair…for that I’ll stick to the brand I normally use, Nutiva Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil. I use that not only for my hair and skin but for cooking as well. The “Poshymallow” coconut oil is a decent product. It has sweet poshymallow scent(whatever that is) which smells really good. But I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it. I just like the organic kind better especially for cooking…I’m pretty sure this one is not for human consumption and should not be ingested. But if you’re only interested in bath and body and you want to try it, you get 4fl. for $7…check it out here

Next I have the “Strawberry Fields Forever” big bath bar. I just started using it last week and I’ve been using it everyday. It smells really good!  The first time I used it my skin instantly felt soft and moisturized. I will be repurchasing this. And it’s huge, 7oz. to be exact…so it should last a while. The cost is $9, check it out here

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