Walmart beauty box

Walmart Beauty box unboxing

Hey guys, I had a little bit of free time today so I wanted to share what I received in my Walmart beauty box and my thoughts on it. It came a few days ago but I actually subscribed about two months ago. I completely forgot about it until I got the email saying that it had shipped. Anyway, I love beauty boxes! It’s a great way to find out about and try new products, things that you may not have even thought about trying but end up loving. This isn’t a monthly box. It ships every season(Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter), and the products will be relevant to the season. So when I opened my box, I wasn’t impressed but for $5 I can’t complain. Here’s what I received…Walmart beauty box, Arm & Hammer, Sally Hansen, Vaseline, St. Ives,Coconut Nail Art, Lady Gaga "Fame", Schwarzkopf Diamond color & radiance shampoo/conditioner

  1. Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair lotion-I’ve used this before and it’s pretty decent. My boys have eczema so they use it from time to time and I just use it for my hands. It’s not something I purchase on a regular basis though.
  2. St. Ives Apricot exfoliating scrub-I’ve never used this before. I see it all the time in Target and I never think twice about it so, I’m excited to try it.
  3. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs water-resistant leg makeup-I’ve never heard of this stuff before and I really don’t have any use for it. However, I did put some over my tattoo just to see and it covered it pretty well. If I ever need to hide my tattoos it’ll come in handy.
  4. Schwarzkopf Diamond Color & Radiance shampoo and conditioner-Developed with Claudia Shiffer, this is for colored or highlighted hair. It says that it’s fast drying with diamond gloss serum and UV filter.  Since my hair is curly, uncolored and requires very specific products, I won’t be using it at all.
  5. Coconut Nail Art-Another product I’m not familiar with and won’t be using. They’re polished strips that you peel and stick on your nails. It says to use nail polish remover in order to remove them. If you want to skip the nail salon and save money, this could be a good alternative.
  6. “Fame” Perfume by Lady Gaga-I actually like this perfume. It’s not too strong or overpowering. It’s not something I would’ve tried on my own so I’m glad it was included.
  7. Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant toothpaste-It’s not the brand I use, I’m more of a Crest person but, I have tried Arm & Hammer before. I mean, it’s toothpaste and everyone needs toothpaste.

That’s it for my Walmart beauty box. Like I said, overall I’m not impressed but it’s just my first one so I can’t write it off just yet. And, it’s only $5! I’m looking forward to seeing what the next box contains!


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