Beauty Bakerie Makeup


I’m back with products from a new brand, new to me anyway…Beauty Bakerie. I came across this company at the beginning of May on instagram and I placed my order the same day! Beauty Bakerie is a cruelty and smudge free brand. They sell Lip Whips which are liquid matte lipsticks, long wearing eye brow gels call Brownies, Eyescream cream eyeshadows, Gelato which is their gel eyeliner, a Sugar Lip Scrub and the Lip Whip remover.

The first thing that caught my eye were the lip whips. They currently have 18 gorgeous shades. They’re so pretty but what actually got me was a video they posted showing that these really are smudge free and waterproof. The staying power is ridiculous!! I bought “Cranberry Stiletto” and “Versailles”. I love them! My only complaint is that they are extremely drying. I have to add some kind of lip moisturizer several times throughout the day, which isn’t really an issue for me because I usually apply chapstick/lip balm often anyway. But, it’s absolutely necessary with these lipsticks. I’ve worn both shades several times this month and I have to say, they absolutely do not smudge or fade even after eating and drinking. All the colors are beautiful and the color pay off is amazing. I definitely need to go ahead and get the Lip Whip Remover because I almost scrubbed my lips off my face trying to get this lipstick off, no joke!

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip,

Lip Whips “Cranberry Stiletto” & “Versailles”

I purchased two of the cream eyeshadows, “Frosted Plums” and “Fudge it All”. There’s also a video on the company’s instagram showing how these hold up under soap & water. There are 11 colors. These are going to be my new favorite eyeshadows! I haven’t worn them yet but I swatched them and they go on so smooth and creamy. They’re super pigmented, I swear I’m already in love!

Beauty Bakerie Eyescream,

“Fudge it All” & “Frosted Plums” cream eyeshadow


“Frosted Plums” & “Fudge it All”

Beauty Bakerie, Sugar Lip Scrub

Sugar Lip Scrub

The last thing I got was the Sugar Lip Scrub. I really like this stuff because it’s an exfoliator and a moisturizer. After exfoliating your lips you just add a small amount to re-hydrate and moisturize. I’ve been using this on my son as well because his lips are always dry and peeling no matter what we use, but this product has really been working. I plan on purchasing the Eyebrow Gel, and more Lip Whips.

Go ahead and check them out on instagram @beautybakeriemakeup

Kisses, Melyssa


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