On a budget? You’ll love this!

Hey guys! I just wanted to drop in and share some info with you all…I’ve been trying to do the whole “beauty on a budget” thing lately: quality products at affordable prices. One of the brands I’m loving right now is Coastal Scents. I had received a few of their products a while back as a birthday or Christmas gift and loved them! It was two of their lipsticks  and a bottle of their Raw Virgin Coconut Oil. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Their prices are amazing so if you’re on a budget you’ll definitely want to give them a try.
I’m going to stock up on some of their oils, butters, lipsticks and three of their eye palettes that I’ve been eyeing 😉
I’ll add the link below if you’d like to check them out. By the way, they’re having an Earth Day Sale…25% off all their soaps, butters and oils!!

Happy shopping!! :mrgreen:

*This post contains affiliate links 


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