e.l.f. Night Cream/Eye Cream Review

Hey guys, I’m back with a review of two of e.l.f.’s new skin care products.  I’m always on the hunt for new products so when I saw that e.l.f. had come out with this line of skin care products I knew I had to check it out!  I found it in Wal-Mart and decided to just start off with the Nourishing Night Cream which is infused with purified water and Jojoba.  It claims to rehydrate and refresh your skin overnight and I also got the Illuminating Eye Cream.  It is also infused with purified water and vitamin E.  It’s supposed to help hydrate and minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

I have combination skin which has been more oily lately, so I have to mix and match my products accordingly and balance everything out between the oil free products and the ones that aren’t.  Because the facial cleanser I’m currently using is oil free, I was o.k with the fact that these particular products from e.l.f. didn’t state that they were.

So first off, the packaging is super cute….I mean it caught my attention right away.  The price is pretty decent but of course, all of their products are.  I paid $12.25 for the night cream and $10.00 for the eye cream.  Now, I didn’t actually expect the eye cream to do anything about the dark circles under my eyes, but I thought it could possibly be good for moisturizing…which it is.  As for the night cream, I was fine the first week but after that my forehead started breaking out.  It wasn’t anything major but it was noticeable especially since I never break out(thankfully).  What was totally noticeable was how oily my skin was in the morning and throughout the whole day….I mean my entire face!!  Usually if a product isn’t compatible with my skin and causes excess oil it’ll only be on my forehead and nose.  I stopped using it immediately.  My MAC Prep+Prime skin refined zone wasn’t even helping to control the shine and I swear by that stuff!!  So yeah, that just wasn’t going to work out for my life lol!  I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any of the other products and honestly, I probably won’t even buy the eye cream again.  It’s good especially for the price but still…I’ve used better.  If you don’t have a problem with oily skin these products might be good for you.

You can go on their website and see the complete line of skin care products.  The only other products I saw in Wal-Mart was the Daily Hydration Moisturizer for $9.25 and the Soothing Serum for $11.75.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “e.l.f. Night Cream/Eye Cream Review

  1. pehge says:

    wow ELF is really expanding their products, I never knew they had creams…haha. I do enjoy some of their eyeshadows and brushes but I know some of their stuff just doesn’t work well. this is helpful xx

    Liked by 1 person

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