I did it again 😮

I said I wasn’t going to do it.  I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore stuff, especially hair products. I mentioned in one of my other posts that my supply of hair products is fully stocked. I don’t/didn’t NEED anymore, but of course I WANTED more.
I took my boys to get haircuts yesterday and my oldest is like me, very particular about what he puts in his hair. He wanted to get some shampoo/conditioner from Sally Beauty Supply. He uses Shea Moisture African Black soap deep cleansing shampoo and the balancing conditioner.


Both boys have eczema and dry, itchy scalp so this stuff really helps them with that. Shea Moisture products just happened to be  on sale, great! I love a sale!

I have been wanting to try Creme of Nature Argan Oil products for a while. Some of the curly girls I watch on youtube have had great results. I figured, why not? It’s cheaper than the stuff I normally use. So in my mind even though I was buying stuff I didn’t need again, I was still winning, lol! I bought their sulfate free shampoo, pure-licious co-wash, Argan buttermilk leave in hair milk, the pudding perfection curl enhancing creme, their intensive conditioning treatment and their strength & shine leave in conditioner. I also bought some more Jamaican black castor oil because I did actually need more of that,  and I got some rice paper oil absorbing blotting tissue.



It all came to a total of $75. My boy looked at me like I was crazy! I mean, he got two things so the whole $75 wasn’t just my stuff. That and the fact that what I bought this time is cheaper than my “go to” products, well that’s pretty much the only defense I have. 😐
I may do a review on it. I hope it’s as good as everyone says!

Kisses 💋 Melissa


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