Aphogee Moisture Rich Leave in conditioner Review

Before I get into the negative review of this product, let me just say that there are a few other Aphogee products that I like and use such as the Curlific Textured Wash, the Curlific Curl Definer and the Keratin Green Tea Restructurizer. They work very well for my hair, especially the restructurizer. I’ve been using that for about a month and I’ve really seen a difference in my hair. Now back to the leave in…this has got to be the worst leave in conditioner I have ever used. It dries my hair out so bad and leaves my curls looking frizzy and lifeless. My hair just ends up being a big dry poof.

It doesn’t matter what other products I use with it or in what order. I’ve even used it with just the other products I mentioned earlier, I figured they’re all from the same line so maybe that would make a difference. Nope, same result. I’ve used it several times just to be sure before writing it off, I’m sure. This stuff is no good for my hair and I will not be using it anymore.

I gave it to my son to try out and he said it works just fine for him. Well he can have it honey! I will however continue to use the other products and I saw a couple more at Sally Beauty supply that I want to try, but since my hair care products are fully stocked I guess I’ll hold off on buying anything new.

If any of you use or have tried Aphogee products let me know what you think. And for all my naturals and curly girls, what products work best for you?

Aphogee moisture rich leave in

Aphogee moisture rich leave in

These products actually work for me.

These products actually work for me.

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