Spring shopping with the boys

Hey guys, I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful spring weather. I certainly have and so have the kids.  For those of you with kids you know how fast they grow.  Every time you turn around they need new clothes and shoes because they’ve out grown what you just bought not too long ago.
That’s the case with my two boys.  Isaiah(8) has really big feet but it seems like the rest of his body grows the fastest.  He’s getting so tall so fast.  So while his shoes last him a while, unfortunately his clothes don’t. De’Quan is 14 and I think he’s right in the middle of his growth spurt.  I swear every month to two months he out grows his shirts and pants.  His shoes last a little longer though.
Being that they needed new clothes that actually fit, and new clothes for spring, I took them shopping  Saturday. I decided to shop for Isaiah’s stuff first. He’s the easiest.  We went to ONE store and got everything he needed and wanted in less than an hour. Awesome!!
Then it was De’Quan’s turn. Now, my wife and I are not the type of parents who go out and buy our kids something they want just because everyone else has it. We want them to develop their own sense of style and De’Quan is in the process of finding his style. It’s changed many times in the last two years. That’s  perfectly normal for a teenager and I can understand that.
I took this child of mine to five different stores before going to the mall. Out of those five, there was only one, Tilly’s, where he found one outfit that he liked. So then we went to almost every store in the mall with the last one being Foot Locker. Here’s where my mind was blown. We spent a little over an hour in there. He drooled over every shoe in the store for nearly half an hour. He was all over the place, in shoe heaven. He didn’t know what to do with himself. Then he zoned in on these:


For forty minutes he explained to me how these are the hottest shoes out right now, how they would upgrade his “shoe game”, and how much he really really really wanted them. I knew these sneakers were expensive because they were in a display case at the front of the store so they’re the first thing you see as you walk in. But honey, when I saw the price my jaw hit the floor! I mean, it’s almost comical how much these shoes cost… $275.oo for what?!! That’s a bill…a light bill, gas bill, and pretty close my cell phone bill. I just don’t see the point in spending that much on shoes that he’s going to out grow in a few months. What sense does that make? His response to my reaction was that they cost just as much as my Coach/Michael Kors bags. 😑 Touche’ De’Quan, but the answer was still no.
I will say this, he understood and he didn’t complain or give me attitude like I see so many other kids do when they dont get what they want. He simply said, “I guess I need a job.” I guess we’re doing something right. 🙂

Melissa 💋


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